The Paintearth Wind Project (PWP) began development in 2011 and includes approximately 31,000 acres of land located forty kilometres (km) southeast of the Town of Stettler. The PWP is located on privately owned cultivated and grazing land and will generate clean energy while allowing landowners to continue with their daily activities. The project area has an excellent wind resource which has been verified with over three years of collected onsite wind data.

In 2017, the PWP applied for approval from the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) for a 44 turbine, 150 megawatt (MW) wind power plant, and a permit and licence for the Lanes Lake Substation. The AUC application was amended in 2018 to reduce the number of turbines to 42 and modify the nameplate capacity of the PWP to 151.2 MW. The PWP received a power plant approval and substation permit and licence from the AUC in January 2020. Since receiving AUC approval, some changes have been proposed for the project, including a reduction in the number of turbines and a change in the turbine manufacturer and model. Paintearth Wind Project LP (PWLP) is preparing to submit a Letter of Enquiry (LOE) to the AUC in Q2 2022, which will seek approval for the proposed changes to the project as detailed in the latest newsletter.

The PWP is proposed to develop a total of 38 Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy SG5.0-145 turbines. The total nameplate capacity for the PWP will be 198 MW. Proposed collector line and access road routes have been provided in the latest newsletter, which can be found below in the “Project Documents” section.

PWLP has engaged local landowners and stakeholders throughout the project development process, and we will continue to do so in a way that respects the community member’s needs. We expect that the PWP will benefit the local community in a variety of ways, including creating contract opportunities for local businesses; increasing local spending on goods and services during the development, construction and operational phases; increasing local tax revenues; and providing funding for the surrounding community through a community development fund.

If you have any concerns or questions about the recent changes to the PWP, including the revised layout, please reach out to us at any time via the contact information at the bottom of this page.


April 2022:

PWLP provided additional details on the PWP in preparation for submitting amendments to the AUC for approval. Details of the updates are available in the April 2022 newsletter.

January 2022:

PWLP is applying for a time extension with the AUC and proposing to amend the PWP layout. Details of the amendment proposals are included in the January 2022 newsletter.

October 2020:

PWLP modified the Project schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic and commercial operation date has been updated to Fall 2023.

January 2020:

The PWP and Lanes Lake 973S Substation received approval from the AUC.

May 2018:

PWLP amended the AUC applications and reduced the number of turbines at the Paintearth Wind Project (PWP) from 44 to 42.

June 2017:

PWLP submitted applications to the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) under Rule 007 and Rule 012, seeking approval for a power plant (Paintearth Wind Project), substation (Lanes Lake 973S), and interconnection.

April 2016:

Potentia Renewables Inc. entered into a partnership with Greengate Power Corporation for the Paintearth Wind Project.

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